Projects we have realised for our clients: 

Certina History Film

Research and screenplay: Philipp Hofstetter

Genre: Image film
Client: Certina
Production: Condor Films Zurich
Year: 2013, Switzerland

Languages: German, English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese


Advice on rough cut in accordance with historical criteria: Philipp Hofstetter

Genre: Documentary film
Director:  Thomas Thümena
Production: Hugofilm Zurich
Year: 2011, Switzerland

The Spirit of Navigation

Historical consultancy work on the history of navigation: Philipp Hofstetter 

Genre: Short film, product film
Director: Didier Flamand 
Client: IWC Schaffhausen
Production: Condor Films Zurich
Year: 2010, Switzerland
Awards: Gold medal at the World Luxury Award in Monaco 

For the third time in a row, the Condor Corporate team has produced a film for the longstanding Schaffhausen watch manufacturer, IWC. This year, the elaborate cinematic production entitled the “The Spirit of Navigation”, starring acting great Jean Reno in the lead role, charts the history of navigation and its importance for sailors past and present and celebrates the new edition from the Portuguese watchmaking family.    

Hugo Koblet - Le Pédaleur de Charme

Production Design: Monica Rottmeyer

Genre: Drama documentary movie
Director: Daniel von Aarburg
Production: Maximage Zurich 
Year: 2010, Switzerland
Awards: Opening film, Locarno International Film Festival

Director Daniel von Aarburg depicts the life of the "Pédaleur de Charme" - now the stuff of legend - with original footage from the postwar years, reconstructed key scenes and interviews with contemporary witnesses. “If you want to appropriate the stylistic devices of a particular age you have to prepare really well: realistic period decor (Monica Rottmeyer), the kind of film material which was popular in that era.....” Interview with Daniel von Aarburg 

Season of the Witch

Set decoration: Monica Rottmeyer

Genre: Feature film
Director: Dominic Sena
Production: Atlas Entertainment, Relativity Media
Year: 2009, USA

Season of the Witch is an American supernatural action film, starring Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Christopher Lee and Claire Foy. 
Season of the Witch is rich in painstakingly researched and reproduced images of life in the Middle Ages. It took a team featuring some of the world's top experts in production design, stunts, swordsmanship, horsemanship and more to provide the film's vivid settings and action sequences.  "It's gritty and hard, like the age" says Roven. "But the visuals are incredibly striking and, in some ways, very beautiful". Cinema review  

Elisabeth Kopp - eine Winterreise (A Winter Journey)

Historical film research: Philipp Hofstetter

Genre: Documentary film
Director: Andres Brütsch
Production: Topicfilm Zurich
Year: 2007, Switzerland
Awards: Opening film at the Solothurner Filmtage

Grounding - die letzten Tage der Swissair (the last days of Swissair)

Co-authorship: René Lüchinger  
Genre: Feature film 
Director: Michael Steiner 
Production: C-Films Zurich
Year: 2006, Switzerland  
As revealed by the subtitle, the film "Grounding" relates the last days of the Swiss airline Swissair, depicting the historical grounding of its fleet on 2 October 2001 and revealing how this was able to happen in the first place. At the same time, the film depicts the real-life fate, inseparably associated with these events, of top manager Mario A. Corti, the last, hapless boss of the grand old airline, and also the tragic lot of all those anonymous people who, in the wake of Swissair’s collapse, lost almost everything: their jobs, their homes and their faith in Switzerland as they had always known it.  

Rascals on the Road

Production Design: Monica Rottmeyer

Genre: Feature film
Director: Michael Steiner
Production: Kontraproduktion, C-Films Zurich
Year: 2005, Switzerland
Awards: Best Production Design (Monica Rottmeyer), Zurich Film Award 2006 

Elaborate vernacular adaptation of the 1960s Swiss children's book classic by Klaus Schädelin. With over 500,000 tickets sold, this film is one of the most successful ever made in Switzerland.     

Das Wunder von Bern (the Miracle of Bern)

Art Direction in Switzerland: Monica Rottmeyer

Genre: Feature film
Director: Sönke Wortmann
Production: Little Shark Entertainment, Senatorfilm
Year: 2003, Germany
Awards: German Film Award 2004: Prix du Public, German film of the year, Silver Award for best film at the Goldene Leinwand 2003, Locarno International Film Festival 2003: Prix du Public

This successful German feature film tells the story of Germany's unexpected victory at the World Cup in Bern 1954, the so-called miracle of Bern. “What is so inspiring about this rousing tribute to the football miracle is not just its loving depiction of the lives of the mining community. The equipment - from Adi Dassler's screw-in studs right up to the World Cup train in which the heroes returned home - also sets entirely new standards.” Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg